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Flight Technologies



Flight Technologies is a 100% Brazilian company. It began in 2005 as a small company at Incubaero, in CTA (Aerospace Technical Center) and today is a national leader in the fields of Avionic Control Systems, Navigation and Flight Information. Flight´s wide multidisciplinary and highly qualified engineering staff develops integrated military and civil avionic systems for aircrafts and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV).

The company is now located in the Technological Park at São José dos Campos - stronghold of high-tech companies - and has a strong portfolio of strategic products and technologies, including automatic control systems of aircraft, Inertial/GPS sensorial systems with Kalman filtering for navigation and attitude control, air data computers, autonomous guidance/navigation systems, and Glass-Cockpit systems.Image 
Flight Technologies takes part in important national projects for the Brazilian Armed Forces and is financed by the Brazilian Government to develop critical technologies. The company stands out in the aerospace and defense industries by working with national and international groups in  critical programs: unmanned aerial vehicles, integrated avionics and navigation systems, and air communication.


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Rod. Presidente Dutra, Km 138
Parque Tecnológico - CECOMPI
São José dos Campos – SP – Brasil

Phone: 55 12 3876.7717
Fax:   55 12 3876.7717