Orbisat da Amazônia Indústria e Aerolevantamento S.A.


Orbisat da Amazônia SA is a technology driven company specializing in remote sensing, radar and electronic products. Their mission is to provide complete mapping solutions for Governmental Clients, oil, construction and mining companies, world over, and electronic products for the general public.  Orbisat da Amazônia SA has developed the most advanced InSAR (Interferométic Synthetic Aperture Radar) technology, Radar Equipment, Processing System and respective Software units, today available in the non military market.


This technology enables Orbisat to offer remote sensing programs for very precise mapping activities under all climatic conditions by day or by night. Electronic Products produced by OrbiSat as satellite TV receivers, alarm centers, satellite modems and GPS modules are in house designs. Orbisat da Amazônia SA has its headquarters at São José dos Campos (SP) where its engineering, image processing and sales activities for both the private and the public sector, take place. Electronic Products manufacture happens at the Industrial facilities located in Manaus (AM). Air Defense Search Radar development activities take place at the Campinas office. At the moment the company employs 180 specialized experts.




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Av. Shishima Hifumi, 2911 - sala 404 - Parque Tecnológico - Urbanova
São José dos Campos – SP – Brasil

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