Words from the President

The increasing globalization process, perceived worldwide, demonstrates how essential is the aggregate value in the products of a country that intends to be internationally competitive as a nation.


The aerospace sector, as a result of its broad range of products and services, such as aircraft, satellites, defense material, all with high technology, is a fundamental element to a country exert its sovereignty and project its power.

The Brazilian aerospace industry, through a complete domain of various technologies and the quality of its products, has contributed, in a significant form, for the development of the country, either directly, through its economic contribution, or indirectly, transferring its innovations and quality principles for other sectors.

Among a group of twenty two industrial sectors, in the aerospace industry was classified by the OCDE - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development as the highest technological sector, measured by its technology intensity imbedded in its products or required to its development.
Between the four sectors classified as high technology, our aerospace sector is the only one in which Brazil has worldwide brands. This is the result of the inherent competitiveness and quality of the Brazilian aerospace industry, in providing solutions that really meet the needs of its customers in five continents.